It is crucial to ensure that your license plate complies with the law. In the best case, an illegal license plate can only prevent you from passing a TÜV. In the worst case, if you are caught by the police, you can expect a hefty fine of up to £1,000. The new UK standard for retro-reflective licence plates does not state that licence plates with raised signs, including 3D gel and 4D licence plates, are not allowed. Warning: some sites may sell you one for your car, although it is illegal to adapt it to your car today. The DVLA rules are pretty clear and say: From 1 September 2021, licence plates with a 3D effect font will be banned in the UK. According to the DVLA, the lettering of a license plate can only be printed in a single shade of black. Tinted license plates use an extra layer of acrylic on the reflective surface of the license plate to create a dark effect. These license plates are illegal in the UK as they make it difficult to read and identify individual characters. Drivers showing these signs can expect to be stopped by police and fined up to £1,000. The data shows the number of people who signed the petition, both by country and in each MP`s constituencies. This data is available for all petitions on the site. It is not a list of people who signed the petition.

The only name shared on the site is that of the initiator. When we talk about 3D and 4D license plates, we are talking about the style of composition used on the plates themselves. This is not related to custom car registrations, so what exactly are 3D and 4D license plates? Here we look at the 2021 legislative changes and how things have evolved again since March 2022. Essentially, all license plates must have the company information printed at the bottom of the sign with their zip code and BS145e code. However, it is necessary that there is a distance of 7 mm between the bottom of the registration number and the top of the company information and that the company information is between 3 mm and 10 mm high. This gives transparency about who made the license plates and that the company in question has collected all the information needed to make license plates, which helps stop the cloning of license plates! Vehicle owners are strongly advised to purchase license plates only from suppliers who can confirm that the license plates they provide comply with all legal requirements. Motorists must also refrain from displaying a license plate with a patterned background. The license plates at the front of the car should have a continuous white reflective background, while signs with a solid yellow background at the rear should be used. Many vehicles have these types of license plates attached. Many people will now have to change them or have them arrested by the police. Attach the trailer license plate as far away as possible from the license plate of the towing vehicle.

Indeed, the different shades used in 3D license plates can make the vehicle difficult to identify in certain situations. Drivers caught showing signs that do not comply with the regulations can be fined up to £1,000. In order to facilitate vehicle identification through automatic license plate recognition systems, license plates must have a continuous black font. This, in fact, prohibits plates with a two-tone 2D font, which makes it look like 3D. True raised 3D lettering is still allowed. Given that our sister company Jepson and Co is the largest manufacturer of physical license plates in the country, you may not be surprised that to buy a set of legal 4D license plates on the street, you should visit them. (a)the number of the UNITED KINGDOM standard or any other relevant standard or specification referred to in paragraph 1; In response to a government petition to end the ban on 3D/4D license plates [2], the Department of Transport clarified the position – as long as the 3D gel and 4D laser cut letters meet the requirements of the current BSAU 145d standard, they are legal and would not need to be changed after September. when the new standard comes into force. In addition, 3D gel and 4D laser cut license plates are legal according to BSAU 145e, provided they meet the requirements of the standard and pass the mandatory tests. Your trailer must have the same license plate as the vehicle you use to tow it. If you are pulling more than one trailer, the license plate must be attached to the trailer at the rear. Although the rules for the legibility of licence plates in the UK are quite strict and the rules have recently been tightened, 3D and 4D plate designs are still available, so many motorists will wonder if they are legal.

We knew very well that the statement in the bulletin was wrong because the RNPS enforcement team went to our premises and gave the “clear” for our products and we talk to them regularly to ensure compliance. Not only that, we`ve spent much of our time in this industry making sure we understand and adhere to the UK standard for license plates. The short answer is YES. 3D plates and 4D plates are still legal. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Currently, the signs on a license plate can be in 3D, so long: so we have all seen the video of the police officer talking about the laws on 3D / 4D plates in 2021. In previous years, carbon fiber license plates were approved for road traffic. However, with the new DVLA standard (BSAU 145e) for licence plates, carbon fibre licence plates are no longer legal on UK roads.