Work with and provide legal advice on risks and appropriate remedies for senior business and human resources executives Legal and business service providers provide and coordinate legal, contractual and business advice and advice to help Accenture`s or our clients` business manage and mitigate risks and ensure ethical conduct and compliance with company laws and policies. Ability to synthesize complex legal analysis into clear recommendations Interpersonal skills, strategic business acumen, trust and ability to manage sensitive and complex ethical/compliance behavior and personnel issues The Corporate & Compliance (“GCC”) Geographic team is the local business facilitator. We offer advice on compliance issues, procurement, pro bono and charitable collaborations, as well as initiatives that work with our community and society. We also support and advise the board of directors of our operating companies regarding their responsibilities and work with our Ventures and Acquisition team to integrate the companies acquired after the acquisition. Summary of Ethics and Compliance Roles – The role is intended to provide comprehensive support to the legal and business teams in all activities related to Accenture`s ethics and compliance program. This includes all kinds of support in the areas of anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, data protection, trade compliance, government compliance and competition law, etc. The individual must also assume responsibilities related to personnel and process management. Work with internal partners to develop privacy monitoring tools that help Accenture executives identify, highlight, and mitigate privacy risks. Prepare confidential legal reports and advise senior management on ethical conduct/compliance risks and human resources remedies Accenture is a global services company with leading digital, cloud and security capabilities. Combining unparalleled experience and specialized skills in more than 40 industries, we offer interactive, technological and operational strategy and consulting services, all backed by the world`s largest network of advanced technologies and intelligent operations centers. Our 710,000 employees deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity every day, serving customers in more than 120 countries. We harness the power of change to create value and create shared success for our customers, employees, shareholders, partners and communities.

Visit us at the Summary of Geographic and Enterprise Compliance (GCC) Roles – Provides comprehensive support to legal and business teams, including assistance with Accenture policies and processes, legal research, legal judgments, use of various tools and methodologies focused on internal policy compliance, risk mitigation, contract enforcement, etc. Knowledge of ethical/behavioral/compliance risks, employee rights and obligations, and related laws Our team is responsible for addressing local aspects of global initiatives, working with a global network of GCC lawyers. The GCC team is continually adapting to help Swedish and Nordic companies meet new legal challenges while continuing to innovate. Job Overview: This position is a full-time position that must be held by an experienced legal advisor with at least 6 to 8 years of experience in corporate and contract law in a multinational corporation or law firm. The role will be strongly focused on compliance and regulation, as well as elements of privacy and commercial law. Keep abreast of legal developments affecting investigations, reporting rights, rights of accused persons and compliance-related standards 1.Legal support and interface with internal stakeholders in Sweden and the Nordic and Baltic countries.2.Support local and global projects by providing legal advice where necessary and in relation to Sweden.3.Design and review of public procurement, Marketing and other agreements and related materials to support Accenture`s internal business. 4.Assist in the implementation of global compliance programs in the areas of anti-corruption and support compliance with government regulations, competition law, trade compliance, ethics and anti-money laundering.5.Monitor regulatory developments, advise and work with the GCC`s Nordic Legal Officer to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. 6.

Provide legal advice, advice and guidance to Accenture`s business units in Sweden to ensure maximum protection of Accenture`s legal rights and mitigation of legal risks. 7.In collaboration with the Nordic GCC Legal Manager, you will ensure that local operations comply with local laws as part of Accenture`s global compliance program and other Accenture policies.8.In collaboration with the Nordic GCC Legal Manager, you will provide regular support and monitoring of Accenture`s overall local legal needs. 9.Organise and lead legal support in coordination with Accenture`s data protection team, anti-corruption team and other compliance teams, as well as other subject matter experts from the labour rights team and legal contractors.10.Provide a Nordic market unit and local legal support to other functions of the company, in particular the National Managing Director, finance, human resources, tax, marketing, workplace and procurement.11.Litigation and litigation support, corporate investigations and internal audit team, as required.12.Relationships: Reports to the GCC Legal Officer for the Nordic and Baltic countries. Together, unforeseen events have created the perfect storm for compliance managers. Our 2022 Compliance Risk Study shows how to navigate. By transferring compliance capabilities to an intelligent operating model, you can cost-effectively meet regulatory demand, provide strategic advice, and drive sustainable growth. With increasing regulatory pressure and operational complexity, as well as a growing gap between external requirements and internal capabilities, traditional compliance approaches are no longer suitable for the future. This is reflected in our 2019 Compliance and Risk Study. Regulations are getting stricter, budgets are tightening, and the price of compliance is rising. In addition, compliance officers are expected to proactively identify new risks and support sustainable business growth. Client Interaction and Responsible Company: Provides objective, focused and practical advice and solutions to Accenture companies and the legal department regarding compliance with confidential laws and regulations, accenture`s Code of Business Ethics, Accenture`s Privacy Policy and all other related policies.

Professional expertise in requirements for federal contractors, including key federal compliance issues such as revolving doors, gifts and entertainment, CLB and anti-human trafficking. Our small global group of investigators works closely with other legal and business teams to conduct and monitor the company`s compliance investigations arising from alleged misconduct collected through Accenture`s various reporting channels. Responsibilities include: This person focuses on providing expertise and support to global business and corporate activities related to privacy-related laws and regulations. In particular, he will work together to provide legal advice to various legal, security and business teams regarding Accenture`s solutions, including to deal with legislative changes affecting Accenture`s business. Experience and practical knowledge, as well as a passion for designing, implementing and reviewing compliance programs in a highly regulated industry, Accenture is not and will not be considered legal, regulatory or financial advice to Customer in connection with Accenture`s provision of the Services, the production of results and/or the content of this presentation, and Accenture disclaims all liability in this regard. This position is a full-time position in Sydney (office-based, as required by the GCC Head, combined with flexible workplace arrangements) to be held by an experienced legal advisor with over 5 years of professional experience in a multinational or law firm (with in-house experience). The role will focus primarily on compliance, regulatory and corporate issues for Australia and New Zealand. Work with the Company`s senior management to assess and address significant legal risks associated with such investigations The Geographic and Enterprise Compliance (GCC) legal team provides and manages legal advice and support to Accenture as part of a broader legal team. Legal prides itself on providing objective, focused and commercially relevant advice and solutions based on a deep understanding of Accenture`s law and business. Experience in developing compliance programs, including the preparation of internal policies and controls; the development and implementation of training courses; responding to government investigations; and Contract Drafting and Review Privacy Compliance Planning and Writing Thought Leadership: Works with compliance colleagues to: (a) provide thought leaders for Accenture`s overall compliance efforts by keeping abreast of compliance industry best practices and changes in laws and regulations; and (b) assist in the development of appropriate policies to meet business and legal requirements.