Making A Murderer is a documentary about real crime that tells the story of two men – Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, who were both convicted of crimes they may not have committed. Steven, a Wisconsin man, was charged with sexual assault and attempted murder, for which he served 18 years in prison. Brendan was charged with complicity. The limited series reveals in detail all the events of the real cases, the struggle of the two men to prove their innocence and their fight for freedom. A good forensic drama with high-octane narratives and powerful characters has the power to bring you the most cinematic moments you can hope for. Some of them might even make you want to be part of the legal system. So it`s no wonder there are an overwhelming number of legal TV series, and too many choices. But we`re here to help, and we`ll bring you this handy guide to make that choice easier. Climax of the legal drama: In “The Case of the Lucky Loser” (season 2, episode 2), Mason is hired to help a wealthy heir accused of a driver`s unaffected death. When the client is charged twice with the same crime, Mason fights even harder to find evidence, and in a classic “Perry Mason moment,” he ends up making a shocking revelation in court. With their high stakes and explorations of good and evil, good and evil, and the grey areas in between, it`s no wonder that legal dramas have been among the staples of television practically since the beginning of the medium, or that some are among the oldest TV shows of all time.

However, once this show finally finishes airing, there are plenty of other legal dramas to fall back on and catch up on. This includes a long list of classic court dramas, one of the most successful franchises in television history, and some of the best lawyers` shows allow them to do everything they can to bring the bad guys to justice and save innocent victims from prison. The climax of the legal drama: Season 3 deals with the real challenges of Water Scarcity in California, when Billy files a class action lawsuit against wealthy farmers who try to steal water in the drought-stricken Central Valley. Although it had a very short lifespan, “Justice” was still a good legal spectacle. He focuses on a group of lawyers who work at Trott, Nicholson, Tuller and Graves, a Los Angeles law firm. Lawyers differ in their background, which shapes their attitude toward the cases they choose. Most often, they get involved in cases that attract media attention and turn out to be controversial. In each episode, we see lawyers grappling with the information they have about their clients and trying to do what it takes to ensure that justice is respected by all means. From real-life events and well-researched documentaries to intriguing fiction, these are the best legal drama shows currently available on Netflix for binge-watch. Here you will find everything from the simplest cases to the most distressing cases, each entertaining in its own way. Now approach the bank, advise.

Boston Legal is a spin-off of David E. The series Kelley The Practice (1997), which follows the exploits of former practice character Alan Shore (James Spader) at the law firm of Crane, Poole and Schmidt. The plot of the Tokyo trial focuses on 11 Allied judges appointed to try more than 28 Japanese leaders and political figures, including prime ministers, foreign ministers and the military, for waging a brutal war against China and committing numerous atrocities during World War II. The series examines the interactions between the judges and their approach to the suspects, and in the space of two and a half years arrives at a verdict that changes the fate of Japan and Asia as a whole. Tokyo Trial was highly acclaimed by critics and nominated for the 2017 Emmy Awards. The series was co-created by television and film veterans who have worked on popular shows and movies such as Law & Order, Men in Black, and Minority Report, among others. While the story is not radically different from standard right-wing dramas, Justice gives insight into the life, lifestyle, and family relationships of a part of the world that is still quite underrepresented. Although it wasn`t as successful as the series that preceded it, The Good Fight was the original paramount+ spin-off of The Good Wife.

In this series, Christine Baranski brings her character Diane Lockhart from The Good Wife into the new series as the lead actress when she loses her job and has to start over. Are you a fan of John Grisham? Have you seen all (or most) movies based on his novels? Then you might want to add The Innocent Man to your list. The documentary series focuses on two horrific murders committed in Ada, Oklahoma, in the 1980s. Ronald Keith Williamson, a minor league basketball player, has been charged with the rape and murder of Debra Sue “Debbie” Carter. Ronald`s friend, Dennis Fritz, was also found guilty of complicity. While Dennis was sentenced to life in prison, Ronald was sentenced to death. 11 years later, further investigations into the DNA evidence proved that both were innocent. The Innocence Files follows personal and untold stories of people who have been wrongly convicted and how the verdict has affected not only their lives, but also their families. The documentary about the real crime is based on the work of the Innocence Project. The project is an initiative to exonerate and help people who have been falsely accused of crimes they did not commit. The series examines eight such cases from the Innocence Project that they discovered and canceled. The crime dramas and proceedings are a dozen these days, but few pass a handful of seasons, and even fewer manage to maintain the level of quality of NCIS that is currently in its nineteenth season.

According to the eponymous Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the series is contemporary with shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and arguably the most charming of television`s most famous dramas. Despite numerous casting reshuffles in recent years, the series remains a prime-time staple, one of the few police cases still aired, firmly rooted in the “Bad Guy of the Week” formula that became popular in the early 2000s. As the third longest-running, scripted and non-animated series currently airing in the United States, the series has spawned numerous spin-offs, including NCIS: New Orleans and the new NCIS: Hawaii, but there`s nothing better than the vigor of the original, which until recently was led by the stoic and reliable Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), and his clear commitment to connecting his loose ends with a smile. —Maggie Boccella The eight-part series features an intense courtroom drama set on an archetypal whodunnit premise, exposing the audience to the Italian judicial system. At the same time, the series keeps you mesmerized all the time with its fascinating narrative and intense storytelling.