Hi CPT Ong, I am 34 years old this year and I am interested in becoming a pilot. However, I am only 1.54m tall and wonder if there are any minimum height requirements to be a pilot. Also, do you have any idea how much the self-funded program with Scoot will cost us? Hello, Captain! Your contribution is really informative! I am also curious to work internationally as a pilot, as I am currently studying in the United States as a Grade 12 international student. Can you share your experience as a pilot? The cost of pilot training in Singapore can exceed $150,000. Hello Captain Ong, if I get a CPL through the sia abinti cadet pilot program, does that mean I am a first officer? Is an airline pilot the same as a co-pilot? Do I have stable employment through the AB Ab initio AIS Cadet Pilot Program? Also, on the website there is no information about nationality requirements, my nationality is Thai, does the program accept international applicants? If you plan to apply for vacancies at Singapore Airlines, you should first familiarize yourself with the hiring and compensation requirements in Singapore in order to maximize your career as an airline. Skills, experience and hours recorded affect both salaries and first lieutenant positions, so it is wise to always compare pilots` starting salary to the average to get a better idea of the rewards and opportunities offered by careers at Singapore Airlines. How much pilots earn is usually the first question candidates ask, but these jobs offer benefits beyond salary, which is why you need to research everything from hiring requirements to income to other job benefits. Note- If you don`t have a resume, you can download a free resume from here and edit it yourself, and if you want, I can create a premium resume for your aviation jobs like cabin crew resume, pilot resume, ground staff resume. But it will charge you $8.55 and the pilot $15 and the ground crew $6.55 (only via PayPal or online banking).

If you would like this service, please send admin@aviationdreamer.com an email with your old CV and photo ID and the position you wish to apply for. And only for 400 Indian rupees. Hello Mr. Ong, I am thinking of taking the ab initio cadet pilot program at SIA, can I only know the duration of the program, and after the program, what is my position at SIA? Is it the first officer? Today, the world is facing a shortage of pilots. This is partly due to the pandemic, but also to many other factors. These include the inclusion of air travel over the years, as well as mandatory retirement for older pilots (typically around 60+ years old worldwide). To become an RSAF pilot, the candidate must go through a rigorous selection process that consists of three phases. The first level includes the 5-hour COMPASS (Computerized Aptitude Selection System) test, which assesses areas such as spatial awareness, stress multitasking, psychomotor skills, and decision-making ability. That will always be a question that cannot be answered. A degree potentially allows you to work in an office job on an airline if you can`t find a job as a pilot.

But to get a degree, it takes >2 years, while a bachelor`s degree takes <1 year. Is this extra year of schooling worth this fallback insurance compared to this year of work already in an airline? I will be going to university next year. Would you suggest that I go to university first, then apply for AHV or self-financing after graduation, or apply right away? I always wanted to be a pilot. Hi Captain Ong. Is Level "O" with Diploma required as part of the academic requirement as a pilot or is Level "N" with Diploma sufficient? I am 17 years old in 2018 and I am studying at Ngee Ann Poly in financial informatics. I have a dream that I didn`t realize until I joined Poly to become a pilot. I would like to ask for advice on what I should do after my polytechnic/national service. Should I go to SFC? Or should I register with the Air Force? I have already applied for the RSAF pilot, but I did not even pass the selection phase due to a spine X-ray. And now that I`ve completed my HL, I`d like to apply for the AIS Cadet pilot program. Does it increase my chances if I include the selection phase on my CV? I have a few questions about SIA requirements, are you still logged into this post? Thank you There are three pilot streams available to you when you join the RSAF.

They are: In Singapore, you can be an RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force) pilot or a commercial pilot. However, it has been shown that a number of RSAF pilots join Singapore Airlines as professional pilots after leaving the RSAF. Candidates who pass the COMPASS test must go through the second phase, which includes an interview with the pilot selection committee, consisting of a panel of approximately 4 RSAF officers. Key aspects assessed during the interview include leadership skills and the candidate`s interest in becoming a FARS pilot. By the end of this article, we`ve covered almost every aspect of becoming a Singapore Airlines pilot. If you have the above requirements, you cannot miss the chance to become a professional pilot for such a prestigious company. Hello, I am really interested in aviation. Is a college diploma required to be an airline pilot? I am currently in 11th grade (in a few months in 12th). Thank you very much! The basic requirements to become a pilot in the Singapore Air Force are as follows.

Most of them also apply to professional student pilots: however, it should be noted that job offers for commercial pilots are very rare in Singapore. In addition, when recruiting professional pilots, a number of candidates are retired from the RSAF. Since they are already trained and have accumulated a lot of flight time, their chances of being hired are very high. Hello. My son is 14 this year, he dreams of becoming a pilot. Do you think Poly Path is better for him or jc Hello Captain Ong, I sent my resume to promote the cadet pilot but I didn`t get a response. I am Malaysian, pilot is my dream for my whole life. I have my “E” on my English SPM score. But I managed to graduate as a nurse in Malaysia and I am currently practicing in Singapore. I want the chance to get into this field. I am very happy if you have any suggestions or recommendations for me. So Singapore Airlines pilot recruitment of a friend goes and all nationalities can apply for this position.

So, if you want to make a career in the Singapore airline, read the full article. Here in this article, you will get all the information about the skills of the pilot requirements in Singapore, pilot training, interview selection process, salary and benefits, retention, and how to apply online. During the training, a monthly salary is granted. Once appointed as a First Lieutenant, you will receive a competitive salary as well as various allowances and benefits. You can also read our special article on airline pilot salaries. With a PPL or private pilot licence, the holder may fly as a co-pilot or PIC (Pilot in Command) of an aircraft registered in Singapore, not for a reward or lease, but for the categories of aircraft confirmed by the licence. Hello captain, I am 13 years old and I am interested in becoming one of the SIA pilots. Is there a lot of competition/rivalry to become one of the SIA drivers? Thanks Yes, Singapore Airlines hires foreign pilots, but non-Singaporeans must meet certain conditions. Is it your dream job to become a pilot? Or do you have a childhood desire to become a pilot and fly higher in the sky? Either way, you can make your dream come true with strong determination and willpower. If you want to fly an airplane badly but have exhausted the above 2 options without success, you should consider a private pilot license instead.

The downside is that you won`t be able to take a hundred people to heaven. If a commercial pilot is a bus captain, then a private pilot is a car driver. Okay, not exactly the best analogy. But you get the idea. The RSAF is undoubtedly the first choice for those who want to become a pilot in Singapore. However, if you do not qualify for the RSAF, there are indeed chances to become a professional pilot. First, you need to arrange a medical examination with a selected coroner. Joining the SYFC (Singapore Youth Flying Club) is highly recommended for those who want to become RSAF pilots.

You can be part of SYFC while you are still in school, and this can replace your mandatory VAC at school. The SYFC has close ties to the RSAF, and if a student manages to obtain a private pilot licence, the path to becoming a pilot becomes easier. Hello Captain NGO, I am originally from Algeria and my dream of being a pilot started a few years ago, I have a 14/20 in my high school diploma (GCE level) and a bachelor`s degree in physics with a master`s degree in energy, I would like to apply to the SIA cadet program, but I still have some questions hoping you answer them for me: does 14/20 count as GCE A Level? I have an IELTS 6.5, do you recommend me to take it again? “Myopia less than 600 degrees and astigmatism less than 200 degrees per eye (applies to pre- and postoperative vision)” What would my medical work look like? Do I have to take the Class A medical test or is a simple visit to the doctor enough? (I have a 180° astégmatism, do I still have a chance?) Hello, you can check the job posting on Singapore Airlines website to see their nationality requirements.