We see a 4-seater buggy with long wheelbase V2 ® SHARPBUILT, It is a new design in buggies 2, 4 and 5 seats with a modern design, The body in GRP fits on a standard VW Beetle chassis in full length, this buggy was registered in 2008 as a buggy of a 4-seater adult with a Subaru N/A 2.5 engine, It complies with Australian design rules and codes of conduct, an air-cooled VW engine or water-cooled engine can be used, VW Porsche or Corvair and for water-cooled, the Subaru is the favourite. When ordering, you can choose whether you want to get only plans, plans plus a few parts, a complete kit that includes everything except the engine, or a complete turnkey buggy. There are a number of different models offered on the company`s website, including two-seat racing buggies, single-seat racing buggies (like the Piranha III), mini-monster trucks, and smaller buggies for kids. At the rear, an opening hood facilitates engine installation and covers the element motor, keeping all electrical equipment safe and healthy and meeting ADR requirements for covered pulleys and engine exhaust, a new Subaru EJ turbo engine model can be installed, space is available to mount the intercooler on top of the engine (as shown on the green buggy) and cooling air can be added At the intercooler from the air shovel is located in the rear part of the sidepods. Superbike engines from 600cc to 1000cc can be installed and offer up to (and more) 180hp, giving the 400kg (880lb) buggy a 0-62mph time of 5.5 seconds or less and a top speed of over 150km/h depending on gearbox and surface type. Powerful, stable and practical, the BMS Sand Sniper is the best summed up. The sophisticated 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine develops 108 horsepower, which is light enough to propel the four-seater buggy over the dunes. The spacious cabin is equipped with secure 5-point seat belts as well as luxury items such as electric power steering, roof racks and LED lights. Since 1989, The Edge Products has been the innovator and world leader in the design of lightweight mini-buggies. Our vehicle plans are easy for the manufacturer to follow and are backed by a comprehensive catalog of parts and kitsets. The ultimate road-legal buggy is a machine designed for performance. The lightweight and durable frame is powered by Honda`s 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine combined with a suitable 6-speed manual transmission. Inspired by Ariel`s Atom road car, the Nomad is a sports car designed for off-road thrills.

Now, the most valuable dune buggies are a familiar piece of luxury equipment for wealthy thrill seekers. Here are the best dune buggies currently on the market – ready for any terrain, be it uneven roads, steep hills and sand dunes. This top-of-the-line buggy comes with a selection of engines ranging from 510 hp to 600 hp. For true thrill seekers, there`s also a turbo upgrade that boosts power to 1200 hp. The solidly built Buckshot is an off-road monster that`s less about luxury and more about true rugged performance. The air outlets are attached to the hood to allow heated air to escape from the radiator as well as the wheel arch, vents when the buggy is parked also prevent heat from accumulating under the hood which could damage the fiberglass in the long run, the front lights are a common 7-inch semi-sealed unit that can be easily replaced if necessary and is ADR compliant. Our DIY Predator V8 4X4 SXS Flat Pack kit contains everything you need to build your own fantastic 4X4 buggy. No more dangerous and thin chassis, aluminum castings or dumb rubber drive belts. While a luxury SUV makes you feel comfortable when the road gets tough, there`s only one way to truly experience the thrill of off-roading. And it`s behind the wheel of an off-road machine specially designed for adventure – the dune buggy. More like a tank than a dune buggy, the Ripsaw F4 is the world`s fastest two-lane vehicle on the market. The virtually indestructible and extremely powerful off-roader has 1,500 hp at almost 100 km / h.

Plus, the 20-inch ground clearance and 8-foot turning radius make the Ripsaw perfect for those who really want to conquer off-road trails. The dune buggy was once a rare commodity made by experts at home. The first inhabitant of the sand goes back to a kit car – the 1964 “Meyers Manx”, which Bruce Meyers built from a Volkswagen Beetle. Depending on the superbike, these engines can produce 100 to 180+ horsepower, which is enough to build a fast-paced buggy. However, since it is still a unique concept car, you cannot buy the Volkswagen ID.BUGGY. This innovative off-road vehicle brings the thrill of the dune buggy to the 21st century technology market. The elegant buggy is electric, homologated for the road and delivers 200 hp to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. The design is based on the original Meyers Manx buggy, but with all the modern upgrades, including waterproof upholstery for the seats, Bluetooth speakers, and cast aluminum pedals. The Piranha III is one of the best-selling buggy models in the history of the famous Australian company The Edge Products, this kit offers everything you need to build one at home, except the engine and radiator.

Top video: Images of a piranha buggy during the Maramarua Gravel Rash hill climb in 2015. Innovative design. Easy to build. Hard as nails. Here`s another funny 1-minute short video of the new proto-type body design. The rear lights are on the market and comply with ADR, other types of lights can be mounted in the space provided to meet individual needs, the sidewalls and rear arch leave room for 33″ high tires or 31″ pallet tires if a body kit is fitted, The water lines from the engine to the radiator are located outside the body, which is covered by the side nacelles and cleared out of the way. The radiator air intake has been designed in height and above the bumper so that when installing an underrun protection plate for off-road use, the airflow to the radiator is not stopped.