Some people even use it in cooking and use its high concentration of alcohol as a solvent to better extract the flavors of certain ingredients. Cocoroco is made from sugar cane and has an extremely high alcohol content of 96%. This Bolivian liqueur is drinkable alcohol sold in cans. Cocoroco is illegal in some countries due to its high alcohol content. Denros is made in St. Lucia and is one of the strongest rums in the world. The rum was started in 1932 by the Barnard family and is now produced by St. Lucia Distillers and is still popular in the domestic market. One of the strongest liqueurs River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum – 90% ABV The category is not without controversy with many countries imposing bans on the import and sale of high-strength spirits. Recently, some U.S. states have banned the sale of high-potency grain alcohol with an alcohol content of 95% or more. 140 (70% alcohol) Made in: Czech RepublicKing of Spirits is powered by thujone – a chemical produced by the large wormwood plant banned in the United States Thujone is also the main culprit of “absinthism,” a 19th-century disease; Symptoms may include insomnia, hallucinations and seizures. Still, this absinthe draws fans with claims that drinking “makes colors brighter, your breath better, and your mind particularly receptive.” From Poland comes Spirytus Rektyfikowany with 95-95% ABV.

This rectified spirit drink is made from high-quality ethyl alcohol with agricultural cereals. Spirytus is often used as a base for liqueurs and other infusions and it is not at all recommended to drink it directly. One sampler described alcohol to the New York Post, “It`s like being hit in the solar plexus,” and one confirmation read, “Pilots in Siberia used to drink it.” Surprisingly, there are no more vodkas on this list. When I think of strong alcohol, I usually think of clear spirits like grain alcohol and vodka. That`s not to say that every vodka is hard, there are many that are smooth, crunchy and easy to drink. Balkan vodka is not one of them. At 88% (176 proofs), this Bulgarian vodka is best drunk in very small quantities with a hunter. Moonshine was originally a colloquial term for high-alcohol distilled spirits that were typically produced without government approval or oversight. Although it resembles water, this illegal alcoholic beverage is known for its effectiveness – and for the danger associated with the drink. Moonshine has often been found in places where drinking alcohol was illegal or prohibitive, so many people try to make their own alcohol for their personal consumption. Due to inexperience and lack of proper supervision, many people have died from consuming these homemade spirits – more often from alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol content: 75% or more 176 (88% alcohol). Made in: BulgariaBalkan 176 imported from Bulgaria, is sold in more than 20 countries and, according to importer Sklar, is particularly popular in South America (although it is not yet available in the United States). “Vodka is inherently a colorless, tasteless alcohol,” says Noah Rothbaum, former editor of “Higher evidence doesn`t add anything in terms of taste. But it certainly catches your attention, doesn`t it? At 95% alcohol, Everclear, a grain alcohol made in the United States, is incredibly strong, but it`s not the strongest alcohol in the world. All over the world, distillers are increasing the alcohol content of rum, vodkas, absinthes, whiskies and more to make flashy and resistant bottles. 180 (90% alcohol). Made in: PomegranateThis strong, clear rum is based on the centuries-old tradition of “pot stilling” – a slow distillation method used for maximum flavor – and is distilled with a fermented sugarcane juice water wheel. Drink it pure (with a water hunter) if you want to mingle and/or get drunk with the locals. Habsburg is one of the strongest absinthe brands on the market and has several shipping restrictions. Spirytus rektyfikowany means rectified spirit in Polish.

Another name for the rectified mind is the neutral mind. However, this 96% spirit (192 proofs) is anything but neutral in its alcohol content. Similar to Everclear, this spirit consists almost entirely of alcohol and should be treated as such. Bartenders and mixologists do not recommend consuming this alcohol alone, as it can cut your throat. In addition, drinking with a blender is a great choice, as it can cause a sensation in the throat and even cause significant burns if you consume it in excess. Golden Grain comes from the creators of Everclear Grain and is produced by the American company Luxco. Another strong alcohol, Golden Grain, is a 100% neutral spirit distilled from grain. Similar to Everclear, it is colorless and odorless. It is mainly used to make homemade liqueurs and extracts. The ghost is often called the green fairy because people have claimed to have seen real fairies after drinking it. There are different varieties of wormwood that exist today.

Some vary in color and alcohol content. Clear but deadly, this neutral grain brandy contains a high alcohol content, ranging from 75.5% to 95%. It is distilled from 100% grain and intentionally mixed into cocktails. The product has become an icon in pop culture due to its incredibly high alcohol content. People make less dense alcohols, such as homemade liquors such as limoncello and bitter substances such as Angostura bitters. High-content spirits have emerged as an important trend in the spirits industry, but some of the world`s strongest spirits are testing the limits of human consumption. Unlike Spirytus and Everclear, you can drink pure Bruichladdich or add extra still spring water to release the alcohol`s natural flavors and reduce the strength to whatever you prefer. However, it is better not to drink excessive amounts. Popularly known as grain alcohol or neutral spirits, Everclear is distilled from 100 selected grains. The end result is 95% ABV (190-proof) spirits. Everclear Grain has a neutral taste profile and is colorless and odorless.

Alcohol is used in the international market to make various cocktails and blends. Bruichladdich`s X4 quadruple whisky, described as the most alcoholic single malt whisky in the world, is 92% (proof 184). From the same island as Laphroaig, this whisky is best enjoyed on a cold night in the form of drama. Just like its Islay counterpart, this whisky has it all and should be consumed very slowly while your body is covered in a feeling of mild warming. Spirytus literally means “alcohol” in Polish, and it is one of the purest commercially available alcohol distillations to ever flow through the earth. In its home country, grain-based alcohol is typically used to infuse Polish medicinal tinctures called nalewka, as drinking it directly is like a punch to the throat. But in the United States, some drinkers are brave enough to try to drink it outright. It`s ill-advised – don`t mess with that nearly 96% ABV alcohol, guys.

If your memories of hard liquor are with Bacardi 151 (75.5% alcohol), we have news for you. Puerto Rican rum isn`t even in the top five on The Daily Meal`s list of highest-density spirits. Being hammered on a Friday night is not uncommon. Hangover? Throbbing headaches? The drinks that usually blow your mind away are a no-brainer compared to what`s in the darker range of alcoholic beverages. In fact, spirits sold in most bars and clubs have peaks of 40-45% ABV. Many do not know that in some parts of the world there is a dangerous breed of alcoholic spirits that can reach a deadly alcohol content of 96%. Do you want to get to know your manufacturer? Here is a list of 7 alcoholic beverages that could actually kill you. 151 (75.5% alcohol). Made in: Puerto RicoLight brown 151 is considered a staple of subarctic survival and is often used in more temperate climates as a piña colada float or on fiery beverages like the Flaming Dr, recommended by Tucker Max.