During the pandemic, when sex work was banned under social distancing rules, lawmakers from the SPD and Chancellor Angela Merkel`s center-right party took the opportunity to call for an even longer closure of brothels and an overhaul of sex work. It is also a serious problem for Europe and social solidarity among all European citizens. Germany does not seem to have a problem using the most vulnerable women in disadvantaged EU countries, sexually exploiting them and rejecting them when they are completely traumatized. People in those countries, if they have the opportunity, ask us why we are doing this to their daughters? “If prostitution is a `choice`, then it is a choice systematically made by women who have no choice. Whether obtained by physical or socio-economic coercion, the sexual act performed in prostitution is always forced. This is the opposite of sexual freedom. The repetition of sexual acts without physical desire, but experienced as an exploitation of vulnerability, is in itself sexual violence,” said Jonathan Machler, Executive Director of CAP International. Thus, the distancing contained in this bill is completely detached from the realities of prostitution and human trafficking in Belgium. This law is a betrayal of all precarious migrant and refugee women, including Ukrainian women, who are currently fleeing war and who will be all the more vulnerable to the grip of pimp networks if they are abandoned by the Belgian government. An English-language news site in Germany called The Local interviewed a 39-year-old Florida man named Andrew about his habits of visiting brothels. He said he was originally in Germany in his mid-20s because he was interested in car culture and history, but has been returning three times a year because prostitution is legal and prostitutes are so affordable. He even compared the market of the world`s oldest profession to a discount grocery chain: Other changes include allowing prostitution of minors between the ages of 16 and 18 if brothel owners or sex buyers can claim they didn`t know the child`s age.

Under international law, anyone under the age of 18 who engages in sex trafficking is a child victim of sex trafficking. According to the Belgian amendments, these children must prove that their pimps or “clients” knew they were minors, an almost impossible threshold. Despite critics` claims about the cruel conditions caused by legalized prostitution in Germany, many do not want to go back to the days when black market trade was shut down. “Prostitution is still socially stigmatized, and that hasn`t changed in the few years that the law has been in place,” said Monika Lazar, women`s spokesperson for Alliance 90/Greens, according to the Guardian. “But the law helps to strengthen the position of prostitutes and ensure that women and men are much better protected. The legalization and regulation of prostitution was supposed to make trafficking safer for sex workers and make it easier for them to access essential health and government services, but according to most reports, this mainly led to prostitution becoming a major industry with hotel-sized brothels. brothel chains and a cash cow of tax revenue. Germany has adopted a new law on prostitution to combat trafficking and exploitation of human beings. It calls for more control, more regulation and more sanctions – and it is not popular in the prostitution industry. In the opinion of the Berlin Administrative Court, prostitution was no longer immoral even before the adoption of the prostitution law: “[…] the State`s obligation to protect human dignity (art. 1 para. 1, sentence 2 GG) cannot be abused to harm individuals against themselves by interfering with the protection of individual self-determination.

[4] The Court of Justice of the European Communities has clarified that prostitution is an economic activity “forming part of common economic life” within the meaning of Article 2 EC. [5] However, judgments on immorality have not been rendered in civil law due to doubts about enforceability, compensation for improper performance, etc. A decade after Germany legalized brothels for a lot of money and recognized the rights of prostitutes as workers in some of the world`s most liberal prostitution laws, business is booming. Organized sex workers say trafficking is safer and healthier than ever. [12] A 2008 study by Melissa Farley found that 68% of prostituted women suffered from PTSD with a similar intensity as veterans or torture survivors. www.trauma-and-prostitution.eu/en/2015/01/26/prostitution-and-trafficking-in-nine-countries-an-update-on-violence-and-posttraumatic-stress-disorder/ the Christmas season in India brings little joy to sex workers. Organized prostitution is illegal and the lockdown measures triggered by the pandemic have hit it hard. Most were left without support and accumulated large debts. Akanksha Saxena reports. The prohibition on advertising sexual services (§ 119 OWiG)[10] has not been repealed by the Prostitution Act. The criminal offence (§ 120 OWiG)[11] and the offence (§ 184d StGB)[12] of prohibited prostitution, i.e. violation of a restricted area ordinance issued on the basis of Article 297 of the CCAIL, also remained unchanged.

At a time when many European countries are struggling to combat sexual exploitation on the Internet, the Belgian amendments allow the promotion of prostitution on the Internet, linked to the facilitation of trafficking for sexual purposes through certain websites. [11] Dr. Muriel Salmona, Thinking Better About Prostitution: Some Tools and Figures That May Be Useful. Chapter 3: Violence before entering prostitution. www.trauma-and-prostitution.eu/fr/2015/01/21/pour-mieux-penser-la-prostitution-quelques-outils-et-quelques-chiffres-qui-peuvent-etre-utiles/ In the coalition agreement negotiated by the CDU, CSU and SPD after the 2013 Bundestag elections, a “complete overhaul” of the prostitution law was announced. In this context, the legal basis for the control of prostitution sites by regulatory authorities should be improved. In the same section of the coalition agreement, but without any direct legal reference to the prostitution law, the ruling parties also announced measures against forced prostitution and human trafficking. In this way, victims must be better protected and the corresponding perpetrators punished more consistently. In the future, measures should also be taken against those “who knowingly and deliberately exploit the plight of victims of trafficking in human beings and forced prostitution and abuse them for sexual purposes”. [16] [17] Organizations such as the Federal Sexual Services Association (BSD) and Hydra, a counselling and support service, as well as humanitarian organizations such as Sowoldi and Sisters, which help victims of forced prostitution, oppose the new law. In Berlin, there is certainly no shortage of street workers in and around the city. If you`re curious about the street work scene, take a stroll or drive along the Kurfürstenstraße to get a glimpse of today`s prostitutes in Berlin.

While many cities have created special zones where prostitution can be practiced, Berlin is a borderless playground that is not controlled by higher authorities. Tourists come from all over the world for cheap prices in sex clubs to visit the infamous Artemis brothel and the most obvious streets and indescribable corners of Berlin. There is a recent medical report from a gynecologist[8] who works with prostituted women.