They also stated that in most part of the classes several students use their mobile phones and apps to search for class related materials. The teachers also showed curiosity about knowing, with more detail, the mobile phone use their students actually have. It is therefore relevant to effectively understand how these students use these devices, more specifically the applications installed on them. To this end, most studies have been based on designs that are focused on the users’ perceptions and based are on these reports. The use of mobile devices by higher education students has grown in the last years .

Below is presented a table describing the most used mobile apps during class activities. It should be noted that only the two answers with the greatest relevance for each category were considered. This article therefore aims to present preliminary results with an approach that uses cross-checking of log data with questionnaire results. Considering the above, some studies have focused on the validity of the use of these instruments. One of these first studies, carried out by Parslow et al. , aimed at determining the number of calls made and received in the days, weeks or months preceding the date of the questionnaire, and their duration. The answers were compared with the logs of the operators and it was concluded that self-report questionnaires do not always represent the actual pattern of use.

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Nevertheless, 10% were not satisfied, and another 10% did not use the system for unspecified reasons. The reason for satisfaction was mostly easy to use, while some students reported access to academic materials as a significant reason for satisfaction. The students who were not satisfied had issues with low technological know-how . Every undertaking is meant to be a success, and this program will not be an exception. Integrations of applications and compatibility will be tested before the interested parties are allowed to utilize the resources. Responses from parents will be taken very seriously to identify areas that may need rectification before being finally rolled out for use, .

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

Processors and hard discs will be improved to the recommended 8GB and 1TB, respectively, as the combination will suit massive online surfing and processing of data. They can view any student’s report; make additions, corrections, and comments. The comments will be crucial to the students and parents as they Educational Mobile Application Development will reveal the teacher’s perceptions towards the student based on the reports. Information flow from one departmental to another will greatly be improved as the secretariat of these offices will not be required to move from one office to another and engage in very tedious manual data searching routines.

Project Characteristics And Goals

In my position as the system analyst, I would be in charge of giving technical advice to the school. The project aims at coming up with a computer program that will significantly enhance safety and access to school online resource promptly by the stakeholders like teachers, parents, government, and students. Every category of data users will have login details that are particular to them, and this will determine the level of access they will have to school data. Many school institutions worldwide have installed some kind of information management systems that they are efficiently utilizing and reaping the benefits of information technology innovations.

At this stage, dimensions, measurements, and filters were created according to the desired data visualization. The software has the big advantage of creating dynamic visualizations of the logs’ data which allows for a different and richer perspective on the data obtained, in order to deepen further studies about the same topic. The Wi-Fi traffic capture software was selected to work both with Android and IOS devices and it was possible to understand the functionalities of the software.

  • A conceptual model of the object-oriented methodology consists of sets of UML class diagrams, Interaction diagrams, and Use Cases.
  • In KS school, there are many students who need bar code reader check, some that want the dependent tables, some are always in need of relational database Jack because of its usefulness, and some need drop down’s check.
  • Table1 summarizes the schedule of the pilots carried out, the curricular units where they took place, their duration and the instruments used.
  • However, given that mobile devices are fully integrated into our daily lives and we use them quite extensively, it becomes difficult to retain and define with plausible accuracy the use we make of them.
  • Such capabilities are vital to ensuring the students identify their career paths based on their strengths.
  • Each file imported to Tableau Prep, in addition to the changes applied to the previous file, was refined with more changes, in an iterative process.

The gaps that must be addressed are; sealing leakages of information to unauthorized persons and preventing data from cyber-crimes. To give positive results in cost-benefit analysis, the costs of putting up the system should not surpass its utility benefits. Final Project Report – the implemented system finalize was accepted by stakeholders. Project Schedule – to plan the project meeting, program developing, review status meeting, and whole system progress.

The Aims And Objectives Of The Project

There is a serious discrepancy and incongruency between the behaviours that they claim to adopt and those they actually engage in during the classes. There are authors, who argue for the need for other types of studies that support this type of approach (Gerpott & Thomas, 2014), because the perception reported by users may not correspond to the actual use. Is the world offered online more interesting than the one in the physical campus? This type of database has been in the market for quite a long period now.

The installation and maintenance costs are also low compared to other programs. The system would also allow real-time interaction between the mentioned users, thereby enhancing the exchange of information, especially between parents and teachers, as the parents like to like their children’s performance at school. Most parents do not have instant access to student performance data since most of the data was kept in paper-based and manual files, and locating them could be time-consuming. Teachers may request additional time to verify each student’s performance records when parents request an update on their children’s performance . These conclusions lead us to some very serious insights on this subject. Apparently, even older students have a misperception of their use of online applications during classes.

This project aims to implement a web-based education data management system with a user-friendly design and easy-to-use approach. Since the system is web-based, users like parents, teachers, and students can access the relevant data from any location using technological devices such as computers or smartphones . Furthermore, the web-based system for management and android applications enables students to check their school notices and even reply.

The development of this web-based school management will benefit the students as they will be able to get the correct data within a short period and in the format that they require it. This will also be the same case in teachers and the involved stakeholder in the school that may need any data. There was a lot of consideration that was looked into before the development of the database oasis was developed for the web-based school management. Database Oasis is best because it can easily give the required data in the needed format. Future enhancements of the database oasis entail giving room for updates. This will help improve the operations of the web for KS Secondary School by conforming to the changes in the school .

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

Parents will have easy access to student’s performance through the use of SMS alerts. Security will be enhanced as no interference will occur once records have been updated by the respective teachers for various disciplines. In the analysed scenario, the majority of the students used the android operating system and 94% also agreed that mobile applications could help to manage the academic tasks, except in the case of the “Aesthetics Curricular Unit”.


The system can further enhance the timeliness of making managerial decisions from each department. It will enhance the visibility of departmental needs as teachers always make timely requests to ensure the optimal operation within their department. From the above assessment, it can be seen that the program will be of great benefit to the stakeholders. There are a few threats and weaknesses that can easily be addressed by the technical team. The technology will offer a platform for marketing apart from normal school data management. Although schools are not mainly targeted, any technologically aware and cautious system developer must always seal all the loopholes available to guarantee for safety and reliability of information all the time.

This will cut down unnecessary costs that are currently incurred in creating lively interfaces among the stakeholders, which will help address urgent issues. In addition, the developed model was used in the main study with a bigger convenience sampling approach, which may provide a more accurate representation of the population of mobile-phone-users in the study field. “Web-Based School Management Mobile Application.” IvyPanda, 5 Nov. 2020,

Special programs that are designed in a way as to identify malware and virus quickly will be installed and maintained on all the computers in the school. In this section we intend to describe the technological background underlying the process of collecting the logs. The first goal was to register and capture logs from the wi-fi network of the university, which consists of a wireless network that users can access using their universal user credentials. When it comes to the time of use, per week, in classes, 53%, 58%, and 22% of the students answered they used these devices between 4 to 5 days a week and 15%, 40% and 70% said they used them between 1 to 3 days a week. The group who participated in this pilot study was selected in accordance with the professors and classes available, so it is considered a convenience sample.

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

Given the variety of tools available, several were tried out and Tableau Software® (Tableau Prep® and Tableau Desktop®) was chosen. Tableau Software is an interactive data processing and visualisation tool that belongs to the Salesforce company and, although it is paid software, it allows for an academic licence that was used in this project. Another issue for discussion was the need of powerful machines so that they could process the large amount of data collected.

Development Plan

Technological advancements are also pushing society with consequent rapidly changing environments. Higher Education Institutions are not exempted from these technological changes and advancements, and it is compulsory that they follow this technological evolution so that the teaching-learning process is improved and enriched. Connection to the internet will keenly be monitored, and superficial rectifications and changes will be made. In this stage, the school data will be uploaded to the database server for utility by stakeholders .

Sequence Diagram

Interestingly, the categories communication (52.6%, 41.7%, 22.3%), collaboration (10.5%, 16.7%, 0%), access to institutional services (5.3%, 0% 0%) and “I do not use them” (10.5%, 0%, 0%) presented very low percentages, namely the last one. Figure1 presents a diagrammatic representation of the created methodological process.

The school, upon completion of the implementation of the program, will benefit from an increase in the admissions since its web-based content will be available to be accessed worldwide, and this serves as a marketing strategy. Data stored on this platform cannot be lost unless the system is hacked, and data destroyed. However, hacking cases are not many, and schools are usually not targeted by these cybercriminals. Therefore, the school will be assured of the safety of its online resources. The questions asked aim to estimate how long or what type of use they have made of their devices on a daily basis, and sometimes aim to know about time periods of several days. In most of these studies, 40% of papers use at least one measure of frequency of use and 27% a measure of duration of use that users make.

During this pilot the accesses during theoretical classes corresponded to approximately 11,177 accesses per student. Our study gathered data from 77 participants, taking theoretical classes in the Department of Communication and Arts at the University of Aveiro. The research was based on the Grounded Theory method approach aiming to analyse the logs from the access points of the University. With the collected data, a profile of the use of mobile devices during classes was drawn. Since the infrastructure is already available at a significant percentage, there are just a few tasks that will require financing. The school will meet the technical costs of installing the new system, which includes Purchasing programs compatible with online data management, paying the outsourced technicians, and paying cloud service provider fees charged to the host server.

Furthermore, some of the web-based databases present in the market do not allow easy retrieval of data from the database . Database oasis despite not giving updates that can be used to improve it, it is convenient for a school set up as it allows for retrieval of data in the required format . Therefore, database oasis is a suitable web-school management system that will be used by KS Secondary School.

NETFLIX Technologies has offered to assist in the initial running and protection of the system, and this will not only save the institution with finances, but it will help us with the in-depth expertise as we embrace this critical technological revolution. With more than three thousand technologically aware stakeholders, the program is expected to function after the piloting phase is over1. Various departments in the school have, for quite some time, been interacting and communicating through correspondents that are usually physical and require an office messenger to deliver them to the designated offices. The staff is ready for the new system that will network all the school departments, whereby they will share resources that are computer administrative and those meant for client utility . The factors mentioned above would be instrumental to the success of the program. This is a leading enterprise-grade relational application software that offers secure transaction processing and data management processing.

The management faces perennial challenges in enhancing the availability and maintenance of updated data on areas such as student records, performance data, and storage of essential documents and files. Also, there are worries of loss of manual data stored in paper-based files as such data can easily be misplaced, defaced, or lost . Further, data privacy questions always emerge since there are no systemic checks and trail of those accessing the data repositories in the school and the kind or nature of data they are accessing. However, with the web-based application’s adoption, these challenges will be resolved since the school management will have instant access to any form of data required. Also, the data is web-based that it cannot be easily lost compared to manual and paper-based data.

The report explains the internal strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats that KS school faces as far as the implementation of this project is envisioned. The implementation process was scheduled to commence with the infrastructural development of the web-based system and upload all school data into the system. The factors of success include fast-tracking of performance by parents and the creation of an interactive platform. The report further discusses the methodologies that can be used in system development, which the team of experts researched on, and the suitability of structured method that was used. The evaluation results indicate how the web-based management program will operate with a mobile App. The application will deploy a login procedure where every user, i.e., teachers, student, or parents, will have a distinct login password.

The web-based system will permit the continuous backup of the data and information, meaning the original data will be available even in cases of loss of hardware where the data stored. Web-based data management is a derivative of other paradigms and existing technologies. It was designed to allow its users to benefit from combining all these technologies . Web-based data management system, unlike other systems, it is a cheap, reliable, and flexible software.